The “owner portal” for your rig can give you some pretty cool information, like recall notices (these are important, free maintenance!), estimates for when future maintenance is due, software updates for your Ford Sync, a cost savings program, and tons of related articles.

If you’re like me, you cringe every time you have to go online and fill out a form, entering your contact information, knowing that you’re going to end up on a million different email lists. It isn’t always bad news, however. If you go through the motions and set up a Ford Sync Owner Account, it can actually help you out.

Here’s How You Set it Up

The website is Just click the link and it will take you there in a new window then follow along with me.

Step 1: Create the new account by clicking the “Register/Sign In” text in the upper right corner of the screen.

Ford Owner Account Setup

Step 2: Click on “Create new Account” at the bottom of the window.

Ford Owner Sign In

Step 3: Enter your name, email, and create a password. Click “Create Account”

Ford Owner Account Name

Step 4: Accept the “terms and conditions” at the bottom of the next page and click “Next”.

Ford Owner Account Welcome

Step 5: Fill in your home address. Click save.

Ford Owner Account Address

Step 6: Go grab your VIN#, either on the truck, or check your insurance card- my state allows the card to be in electronic form on my smart phone- I’m too lazy to walk outside. Enter it on this screen, then pick a name (I used 2019 F-250, but you can pick something more interesting). Click “Next”.

Ford Owner Account VIN

Step 7: The next screen is a confirmation of your information. Take a second to make sure it’s what you want, then click “Submit”.

Ford Owner Account Confirmation


What’s in Here – Overview

Here’s a screenshot of my home page. The top right of the window shows the truck nickname I generated in the set up process. Add this page to your favorites in the web browser for a quick click in the future.

Ford Owner Home

At the very top the “Ford” button sends you to the main website.

Vehicles” is just that, you can poke around and look at Ford’s lineup.

Shop” is for brochures, building a rig, searching inventory, incentives, etc.

Finance” gets you into your financing options, Ford credit, payment calculator, online applications, bill payment, etc.

Owner” links you into the owner portal, which is where you are now.

Notice under that big, annoying blue box the window that says “Notifications”?  it shows I have a recall. When I bought the truck the sales guy mentioned there was a recall about the seats, but I had forgotten until now. I can click on “Details” and it’ll tell me what needs to be done. Nice!

Next to that you’ll find “FordPass Rewards”. It’s a program that gives you points when you take your truck in for service. You keep the points and let them stack up, or you can burn them at your next service for cash.

On the left is “Vehicle Status”. This tells you what’s going on with the truck. Depending on the level of Ford SYNC, you can get reports generated by the systems in the truck, showing you everything from DEF tank levels to service intervals among several other useful bits of information. Personally, I have an engineering background, so I tend to geek out over data.


Across the top of the page, in the blue menu, you’ll see “Owner Home”, then “Service”. Here is where you can get those vehicle reports, schedule service, see what’s been done, find a shop, or order parts.

Ford Owner Account Service

You can also find those truck reports, the maintenance schedule, service history, and other useful information here.


To the right of “Service” you’ll see “Support”. Click there and you’ll get this:

Ford Owner Account Support

In here are articles on your truck systems, including SYNC, along with other how-to guides and information. You can contact Ford through this menu as well. There are several ways to connect with them.

Ford Owner Portal Really is Useful

Not too difficult, right?

Having a quick link to the owner portal and being able to search for key words such as “Ford SYNC” to get quick help for challenging questions makes things go much faster- like when there’s snow on the ground and your owner’s manual is out in the truck, or when you don’t want to spend more time trying to understand the table of contents than actually getting an answer.

Also, knowing what maintenance has been done, and what’s coming up, can really save you money in the long run. Besides, ever been 20 miles up a dirt road and had something break because you didn’t remember when the fan belt was last checked? Knowing you’re all caught up on the important things really helps with all that stress we all feel these days.

Take care!